[fanfic] [Avengers] Distortions in Time - Side Story #4


Summary:Side Story for my Distortions In Time fic. A moment between the not-yet brothers - Thor and Kol’la (Loki) - find some quiet time together and further build upon their friendship.

Summary of Distortions In Time: The war between Jotunheim and Asgard draws to a close, but thanks to a horrible twist of Fate (or perhaps not), the nameless runt of Laufey-King is not discovered by Odin and so begins a remarkable journey of life that should not have been. Jotun!Loki AU. Set pre-/during-/after Thor/Avengers Assemble. MCU-verse only.

Warnings: None. Just sweet, platonic brotherliness.

Distortions In Time Side-Story #4
Like Stars

Sparkling like a thousand gems, the stars hung low in the night sky, so close as to seem that one could reach up, snatch them and hold them in your hands. Clouds floated, thin flat sheets of grey and white whipped up from the ocean, passing over the great golden capital of Asgard to arrive at the mountain range which rose up from the centre of the flat world. On one of the lower peaks with the majestic Skythurs rising up behind them, Thor and Kol’la finally found the resting spot which Thor had been promising for the last two hours.

After setting up the small tent which Thor had toted up on his back, starting the fire and laying out the deer meat they had acquired on their way up, the two young men settled down the for the night. Passing the first canteen of mead over to Thor, Kol’la fished out the six potatoes he had stashed in the bottom of his pack, skewered them and set them over the fire as well.

“You really thought of everything,” Thor said, turning the skewers closest to him. Nudging a log with his dragon-hide boots, he laughed as the logs shifted, sending a shower of sparks upward.
“Someone has to,” Kol’la shot back. “If you had your way, we’d be going up the mountain with naught on our backs but our clothes.”
“You think so?” Thor guffawed. “I would carry some mead as well!”
“Mead hardly constitutes as a meal.”
“Always so concerned with health,” the young warrior nudged the warrior-mage’s shoulder with the canteen, wordlessly offering him a taste. “It is a little obsessive, do you not think?”

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